Miniature Orchids

Miniature Orchids

Miniature orchids may be tiny but they are as showy as the other orchid blooms we are more familiar with. These small but very pretty orchids are also such a joy to care for. They bloom in profusion if given the right care and attention and there is not much difference in the care required of miniature orchids as with its larger sisters.

Photo by  Viperalus

One of the prettiest miniature orchids is candida, a native of Guatemala. This is a miniature orchid with exquisitely pretty blooms with light green sepal, white lips spotted with rose and white petals with a pink tinge. The miniature equitant oncidium is another example of pretty miniature orchids. Oncidium is a well-known orchid genus from the tropical part of South America, Central America and Mexico. Equitant oncidium has spray-type blooms that are very charming and graceful. The small flowers are silky in texture and flat and look like dancing girls with tiny waists and wide skirts and colored bright yellow. This miniature orchid will grow and thrive in a cool or intermediate atmosphere.

Other examples of miniature orchids are miniature and multi-floral phalaenopsis, small-developing paphiopedilum, some brachypetalum and parvisepalum hybrids, mini cattleyas and a lot of dwarf dendrobium hybrids and species.

Miniature orchids are great as mounted décor for the wall, from a shower rod or on a plant rack. Depending on the specie of the miniature orchid, it can be mounted on tree fern barks or natural cork. Since these miniature orchids have fairly short spikes, finding a space for them is not at all difficult as long as they will receive the needed light, humidity and temperature. In cooler climes, mounting miniature orchids indoors is most appropriate. Outdoors, hang them in protected areas such as under the shade of a tree or a porch or veranda. Blooms will be a plenty if there is a 10 to 15 degree change in daytime to night time temperature.

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